Join Us!

We are always ready to welcome new people in our lab. We currently run two research-council funded projects, and you will certainly benefit from the active research environment in our lab. We have regular lab meetings, as well as Language Research Centre meetings, School of Psychology internal and external seminars... Not only for academic gatherings, we also often get together with each other socially. We are a highly interactive, friendly bunch, which is unusual for a group of cats!!

There are a few different ways to come and work with us:
PhD Research:    
We are happy to supervise PhD research students who are interested in language research. We particularly welcome young psycholinguists who are passionate about finding out why and how we understand and produce language the way we do (which is often terribly effortlessly). Our strengths lie on research in sentence and discourse levels of processing, but we are also very happy to supervise projects on lower levels too (lexical, morphological, phonological processing).  We welcome students with psychology background, but also those with background in related disciplines (e.g., linguistics, computer science, cognitive science) will find our lab a suitable environment for their PhD given the interdisciplinary nature of our research.

Our School occasionally offer full PhD studentships. Also we are prepared to write external studentship applications with you if you are committed enough.

We also warmly welcome students from abroad. This is based on our (Yuki's) personal experience as a PhD student at a UK university fresh from Japan. We understand what sorts of academic and personal supports overseas students would need, particularly when they come from linguistically and/or culturally different environments. We are a good mixture of people linguistically and culturally - we have Japanese, American, English, Scottish, etc etc members in our lab. We can almost guarantee that you would be in the best pastoral care you would wish for with us.

MSc Research:
We also welcome students who consider doing one of our MSc courses here. At the School of Psychology, we offer various specifically-themed MSc courses, two of which (MSc in Language and Communication; MSc in Eye Movements and Cognition) are particularly highly related to our research. The former is particularly suitable for people without psychology background (but with linguistics background etc). These MSc courses will provide you a good stepping-stone to your PhD.  As we said, overseas students (and their home counterparts as well!) will receive  the best possible care from us.

Study Visits:    
If  you are considering a undergraduate or postgraduate (MSc or PhD) study visit,  we may be able to help you. We can host you on various programmes of any length, including Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, or your local internship requirements, provided you arrange funding by yourself.

If you are interested in any of the possibilities above, or any other way of working with us, please send us an email